South Broad Community Health

About Us

Insurance mix of the health center’s target population. Source: BIA Needs Assessment – 2008

Insurance mix of the health center’s target population. Source: BIA Needs Assessment – 2008

The Facts

Historically, central New Orleans has been medically underserved. Hurricane Katrina severely damaged the infrastructure providing the community’s existing medical care. More than eight years later, there are still substantial gaps in the geographic distribution of services provided. There are no full-time primary care clinics in the area that offer discounted or free services for the uninsured.

Currently, there are more than 14,000 people living in central New Orleans. 27% of this population is uninsured, and 53% use the emergency room as their primary source of care. Additionally, this population is less mobile than most, with a significant portion using ambulances to travel for healthcare. This population is also less healthy than most, with a much higher incidence of chronic diseases than the state and national averages.

For all of these reasons, South Broad Community Health was established to provide invaluable health services to the surrounding community of central New Orleans. SBCH is currently updating its needs assessment in five of the surrounding neighborhoods, utilizing handheld technology for collecting data. With this new process, SBCH will more efficiently and effectively identify immediate community health needs going forward.

Chronic disease rates for the health center’s target population. Source: BIA Needs Assessment – 2008

Chronic disease rates for the health center’s target population. Source: BIA Needs Assessment – 2008

The Organization

South Broad Community Health (SBCH) is a nonprofit organization committed to ensuring a healthy community by supporting the provision of personalized, compassionate, affordable, and accessible healthcare to individuals and families of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds.

SBCH consists of engaged neighborhood residents, community leaders, local business owners, public health officers, doctors, and other health administrators in central New Orleans, working together to build and operate a community health center at 3300 South Broad Street. We provide affordable medical care to the residents of central New Orleans, including the neighborhoods of Broadmoor, Freret-Milan, Hoffman Triangle, Gert Town, and Zion City.We aim to improve the health of our communities by creating and managing a truly patient-centered clinic.

When it comes to creating and sustaining a successful medical home for our community, SBCH highly values community support.  In its initial stages, SBCH will primarily focus on establishing a solid financial foundation for the development and operation of the community health center and providing a means for community feedback and outreach through the process. SBCH was founded on the understanding that people are our most valuable asset. Only by remaining engaged with our community can we develop innovative, world-class health care solutions.

SBCH grew out of the Citizens’ Working Group / Advisory Council, which has been a critical part of the planning of the health center at South Broad since the project’s inception in 2008. In addition to its role in supporting the planning and development of the clinic, SBCH will be the legal entity representing the community in ongoing financial and real estate interactions regarding redevelopment in the area.

The Center

Once a corner store, this 4,200-square-foot building was renovated following Hurricane Katrina to provide healthcare services for nearby residents. Aiming for LEED certification, the center was designed with sustainability in mind.

_MG_8221The two-level facility includes:

  • Five exam rooms
  • Community education space
  • Social work office

Proposed services to be provided at the center include:

  • Primary care
  • Pediatrics
  • Health education
  • Social services referrals
  • Behavioral health